Karaoke Builder Studio

Karaoke Builder Studio 3.0

Creates and edits customized karaoke tracks
3.0  (1 vote)
3.0.377 (See all)
Makes personalized own karaoke music working with MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC and OGG. It creates CD+G and MP3+G files by editing the audio, adding captions and subtitles from XT, MID or KAR files and customizing the resulting text, rendering the result and converting it.

The first professional-quality CD+G software available at an affordable price, and the only CD+G software to let you create karaoke tracks as good as or better than the discs you sing along with at your karaoke events! Tracks created with Karaoke Builder Studio will play in any karaoke CD+G machine. Karaoke hosts can create their own tracks, singers can bring along their own songs, and professionals can (and are) using Karaoke Builder Studio to master their own commercial-quality CD+G discs.

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